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How much is assisted reality "Out of the Box" ?

Our “Magic Suitcase” and on prem servercomprehensively equips the traveling employee for digitization. More work in more places. 

nxtStation SuitCase (mobile Cloud)

"Out of the Box" Assisted Reality
5,999,-- one time payment
  • Introducing the Remote Worker Bundle
  • We pair Realwear Assisted Reality technology with our “Magic Suitcase”
  • We fully equip the traveling worker to be digital-ready.
  • More work in more places.

On your company's own premises, on site or locally)

"Out of the Box" Assisted Reality
4,190,-- one time payment
  • Same like our SuiteCase but on premise
  • Perfect hardware/software bundle
  • Preinstalled Applications
  • nxtSuite, nxtCheck, nxtLive,
  • Proof of concepts within a day!
on prem

nxtStation SuitCase Rohde&Schwarz cert.

"Out of the Box" Assisted Reality
14,999,-- one time payment
  • nxtstation MESH is a wireless command center designed for outdoor applications such as urban surveillance, drone video surveillance, soldier tactical operations, etc. nxtStation MESH integrates with a tablet computer for wireless mesh network operation and video surveillance, and can display the entire MESH wireless network topology. A unique system by nxtdynamics.


Incl. nxtCheck
249,-- Monthly
  • RealWear optimized
  • Unlimited Processes
  • Unlimited workflows


Incl. nxtMap
349,-- Monthly
  • +BodyCams + Drones
  • + Process Library
  • + SmartWatch workflows


Incl. nxtGate
Ask Licence model
  • +UI5 Fiori Apps
  • DB HANA / or MySQL
  • + Analytics + prediction
SAP / nonSAP

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