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nxtMaps project progress Step004

nxtDynamics und die Welt von Starwars

nxtMap Part004

We have integrated Map API with Satellite view, OSM view, and 3D view with the road, building, and custom markers. 

POIs logic has been implemented, we just have to decide what POIs will we be including or needing so as not to make our map all being too crowded.
Map showing our cursors location in latitude and longitude and the elevation of that particular point in meters.

Project Progress

About nxtDynamics: We are shaping the future of work by bridging the gap between employees and knowledge. We visualize, simulate, teach & operate using VR/AR/MR. Our device-independent solution connects properties & tasks with experts, technicians and customers around the world. Our AIoT platform connects employees with data, adds arbitrarily complex step-by-step instructions to each job, which can be processed voice-controlled, hands-free. We document exactly who did what, where and how, analyze this data and make recommendations for the future. Intuitive augmented reality (AR) annotations in the video call enable targeted collaboration.

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nxtDynamics Logo 2023
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