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nxtMap a unique action map based on oKAT-SIM

nxtDynamics und die Welt von Starwars

nxtMaps: A unique action map based on oKAT-SIM.

The primary goal of this project was to analyze flood and landslide scenarios in different regions of Germany such as the lowlands of Görlitz, the urban area of Leverkusen and the mountainous Garmisch-Partenkirchen using advanced modeling tools.


AR enables the visualization of realistic on-site situations on the one hand and the cooperative action of the crisis team in possible real-time scenarios on the other. This makes the variety of options for action directly tangible and the consequences of the resulting decisions visible.


An important milestone of the project was providing AR-based training for emergency responders in natural disasters. The AR training enabled participants to experience simulated emergency scenarios and communicate efficiently, improving decision-making.

nxtMaps is rooted in the in-depth findings of the three-year R&E project, which was funded by the BMBF and concluded in October 2022.

Knowledge oKAT-SIM

Technical implementation of the mobile oKat SIM simulator (AR) and test phase at the training site In the further course of the project, the focus is on system integration between the simulation environment, simulation server and control system, with the aim of synchronizing AR glasses (augmented reality). This is achieved through the technical implementation of nxtDynamics. The second test phase focuses on evaluating the mobile simulation with regard to technical and methodological aspects, as well as the detailed processes of the respective learning units. The evaluation will be carried out in close cooperation with all partners.

nxtMaps MileStones

However, nxtMaps goes far beyond the findings of oKAT-SIM. It is not just limited to Germany, but enables the visualization of any location worldwide. With the current release, nxtMaps visualizes over 560 properties in Berlin and tracks 45 security guards and 15 vehicles in real time. Thanks to the integration of state-of-the-art technologies such as augmented reality glasses, BodyCams, SmartGlasses, watches, data gloves and drones, nxtMaps is the ideal application for the real estate industry, especially in the area of facility management and security services.

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nxtDynamics Logo 2023
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